Organizational Links

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has invited our club to participate and lead workshops for their annual community gardening conventions
Bronx GreenUp
Bronx GreenUp has provided us with technical assistance, all types of plant materials, seeds, and compost. This organization has been one of our most important resources through the years.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

The local chapter of the Cornell Cooperative Extension has provided us with valuable onsite technical assistance, particularly in regards to pest management and care of fruit trees.

Council on the Environment

(community garden map locator)

The Council has made a map showing the location of all community gardens in NYC. This map shows our specific location on a detailed map of the city.


We would not exist without GreenThumb. They helped us get our lease, have provided technical assistance, given us plants, delivered top soil, and provided us with all the lumber needed to build our fence and other garden infrastructure.
Just Food
Just Food has provided us with extensive technical assistance in regards to growing crops. They have given us plant materials and materials to help us grow our crops organically.
Open Road of New York, Inc.
Open Road has helped us put our composting program into higher gear. We have one of their specially patented hot boxes, which we use for our food wastes.
Wave Hill
Wave Hill, our local botanical garden, has provided us with all types of plant materials, and has helped us organize community work days in the garden.
Part Select
This is a great composting web site with tons of links to other sites that address composting.
Modular Homeowners
For those who are looking to start composting at home. With NYC aut to add compost to what Sanitation will collect, this site should prove useful.
Link on Apt. Composting
For apartment dwellers who want to compost.


Grant Links

Hudson River Foundation: NYC Environmental Fund
"The New York City Environmental Fund (NYCEF) provides financial support for projects that will foster restoration, care, understanding, and enjoyment of the natural resources of New York City and the Consolidated Edison service area in Westchester County."  Grants from this fund have allowed us to build a pond, a greenhouse, and buy computers and software to allow us to create brochures and build web sites.
National Gardening Association's Youth Gardening Grant
"Schools and community organizations with child-centered outdoor garden programs receive seeds, tools, garden products, and educational resources generously donated by companies in the lawn and garden industry." We received a variety of resources that helped us jump start our garden. This is a perfect grant for schools just beginning a gardening program.
Orion Society Stories in the Land Fellowships

"The Orion Society's Stories in the Land teaching fellowships are designed to help teachers foster an education of place through the study of local landscapes and histories, the reading of regional literature, and through encouraging creative student responses to their home communities." We received a grant to create a booklet: A Guide to Nature in da Bronx.

The Neighborhood Intern Program


This program has made it possible to fund student interns. Thanks to such a grant from the Citizens Committee, we were able to fund an intern in 2003 to work on a wetland restoration project in the garden. The Citizens Committee has also provided us with links with local businesses seeking volunteer opportunities in the community.


Bershire Berries
"Berkshire Berries® owned and operated by Mary and David Graves, is located in Becket, Massachusetts. David actually keeps some hives close to our garden in an enclosed area, and sells this honey at the Union Square Farmer's Market as "rooftop honey". The hives have been used for educational demonstrations at Kennedy, and the bees help keep our garden happily pollinated.
The Food Project
"The Food Project's mission is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system. Our community produces healthy food for residents of the city and suburbs, provides youth leadership opportunities, and inspires and supports others to create change in their own communities." Student delegates from this organization have met with our gardeners, and they have been able to share experiences.
Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
Friends of Van Cortlandt Park We have done volunteer work in the park with this group. They also provide excellent educational programs that are useful to our members. Last, they have been an excellent source for summer job opportunities for those interested in working in the parks.



Green Guerillas

"Since 1973 greenguerillas™ has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of turning vacant rubble-strewn lots into vibrant community gardens. Each year we work with hundreds of grassroots groups throughout New York City to strengthen underserved neighborhoods through community gardening." This organization has done much to keep gardens like ours safe from the wrecking ball, and have played an important political role in saving our community gardens.

Haldane School District
Kennedy and Haldane High School have developed a partnership that will hopefully continue into the future years. Students have come down to Kennedy from Haldane to meet our students, tour the school, and do some work in our garden. It is our hope that Kennedy students can visit Haldane in the near future.
National Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat Program
The Enchanted Garden is a member of this program. As a registered garden, we have received helpful information as to how to attract more local wildlife such as butterflies and birds to our garden. This is a program open to any school in the country.
The Riverdale Press
No newspaper has been so generous in profiling the development and changes in our garden. While the newspaper was not actively online as of August, 2002, it will be online in the not so distant future.
Shari's Berries Shari's Berries Learn more about the many varieties of berries that exist out there. This web site provides info on the many varieties and how they can be used for many purposed such as dessert and jam making.
Science Tracker: Learn abaout Edible Plants
Science Tracker While there are many worthwhile pages on this site, this specific page highlights all the edible plants that are out there for all of us to enjoy!


Articles About Us

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